Winter Carnival

“Winter Carnival” takes us on a magical musical journey that celebrates the enchanting beauty, festive charm, and whimsical joy of the winter season.  This concert promises to transport you to a world of winter wonder through a captivating repertoire of classical masterpieces.

Featured Pieces:

  1. Tchaikovsky February: Carnival from "The Seasons"  What better way to celebrate winter than a musical tribute to Mardi Gras.  This piece is the second movement of the full "Seasons", a work commissioned in 1875 and completed in 1876.  The full work, which was published in the music magazine Nouvellist, includes a piece for each month of the year
  2. Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 1, Mvt 1. "Winter Daydreams" Our Winter Carnival continues with the mesmerizing Symphony No. 1 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, lovingly subtitled "Winter Daydreams." This symphony paints a vivid musical landscape of winter's many moods, from tranquil snowy scenes to lively dances. Tchaikovsky's music captures the essence of the season's introspection and exhilaration, inviting you to revel in the excitement of our Winter Carnival.
  3. "Winter" from Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" Step into a Baroque winter wonderland with Antonio Vivaldi's "Winter" concerto. The solo violin (played by the orchestra's concert master Michelle Liechti) weaves a tapestry of frosty landscapes and cozy hearthside gatherings. Vivaldi's evocative melodies bring to life the delicate beauty and intimacy of winter evenings, setting the stage for our Winter Carnival's enchantment.
  4. 4. Mozart's Dances K.605 "Schlittenfahrt" Schlittenfahrt means "Sleigh Ride"; which can be heard by the the use of sleigh bells in the piece. The topography of the dynamics of the tuned sleigh bells make the piece seem like a sleigh ride, as the dynamics rise and fall like a sleigh would over snow. This is followed by a beautiful but simple posthorn solo that gives a very peaceful and clear atmosphere to the piece, like a winter's day. The original repeating phrases then return, ending with a majestic fanfare from the trumpets that passes to the other instruments, then returns to the sleigh bells and a final posthorn solo.
  5. 5. Debussy/Caplet "The Snow is Dancing"  This delightful orchestral version of a piano miniature comes from Debussy's "Children's Corner" and captures the swirling effect of snowflakes in the wind.
  6. 6. Waldteufel's "Les Patineurs" (The Skater's Waltz) Embrace the festive spirit of the season with Émile Waldteufel's delightful "Les Patineurs," also known as "The Skater's Waltz." This joyful composition whisks you away to the joyous world of ice-skating on a frozen pond, with its spirited waltz rhythms and vibrant melodies. It's a delightful addition to our Winter Carnival's festivities.

Whether you're a seasoned music enthusiast or simply seeking an escape into the enchanting world of winter, our "Winter Carnival" promises to be a heartwarming and uplifting experience. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the full spectrum of winter's charm through the power of music.

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