The Windham Philharmonic performs a concert selection from Stravinsky's full ballet: "Divertimento from The Fairy's Kiss".  The ballet was composed from smaller non-orchestral pieces by Tchaikovsky and is based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Ice Maiden", which premiered in 1928.  In the tale, a boy is kissed by a fairy at his birth.  On his wedding day to a mortal woman named Gerda, the fairy returns to claim him as her own, breaking the heart of his betrothed.

Haydn's Symphony No. 94, "Surprise" is the second of twelve "London" symphonies written by the composer.  Haydn's music contains many jokes, and the Surprise Symphony includes probably the most famous of all: a sudden fortissimo chord at the end of the otherwise piano opening theme in the second movement. The music then returns to its original quiet dynamic as if nothing has happened, and the ensuing variations do not repeat the joke. 

This concert is a fitting end to the surprise and enjoyment of April Fool's Day, and we hope all enjoy the performance.

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